Monday, March 28, 2011

sorry this isnt stamp related

sorry this isnt stamp related but today isnt a good day in our house as my baby boy RASCEL, isnt feeling well he has bad hips and they are really acting up today and i cant get him into the vet til tomorrow morning, so he gets the baby treatment   heat blanket and hot water bottle and a massage .and he will be getting this all day.but the thing that has me upset is that this is an ongoing thing with him and it may not be good and i dont know if i can bring myself to do what i think the vet my suggust tomorrow so some prayers would be great , rascel will be 13 in may and is the best dog ever . he loves to play ball and go for walks and go camping with us . thank you for letting me share .

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  1. Awww, will be praying for you and Rascal!! I hope the vet gives him some pain meds and it helps him to stay with you a little longer! My cousin just had to put down her white lap that was 15 yrs old, and it was devastating for her.