Friday, May 13, 2011

Why I have been MIA .surgrey on may 20th

hi ladies,
i am sorry i havent been posting lately as i have had some health issue . I just found out I need to have a hystercomy and my bladdeer fixed so I am dealing with alot of different emotions of it and not sure how i feel about it . I am a mom of 3 my oldest is 19 and middle is 18 and the baby is 16 i know i am not going to have anymore children but to know that you cant have children now is very upseting to me I am 41 and divorced and hoping to remarry someday and maybe have 1 more child but now that is being taken away is very hard for me.i know this may sound werid but i loved being pregnate and one of my best friend cant have children and we were talking about me carrying a baby for her and her husband and now I cant help out one of my dear friends to have that gift of a child so this is upsetting to me as well.

so this isone reason i havent been on here and then trying to get things around here taken care of and its hard cause i cant lift anything or go up and down stair and my craft room is in my basement so I am limited . :O(but I will be back soon my surgrey is may 20th and i will be in bed for 2 weeks but out of work for 6 to 8 weeks so thats not going to be fun:O(
so no buying stampin up tuff for a while .. plus my middle daughter graduate JUne 2 and i told the doctor i am going to her graduation . she said we will see :O(

so that is why i havent been posting but i want to thank you all for checking in on my blog and i promise i will try to get some new pictures posted

thank you again for following me and supporting my blog
you all are very important to me

Happy Stampin

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